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Apr 17, 2013 12:00am PDT
was a lovable guy. he played to the hilt. it was apple juice. he was the type of guy that would show up in the steam room. we would all walk around nude in front of each other. he would peel off. he liked to go to bed early. he would sit there and watch westerns, and he was just a gentle man, a fun-loving guy. frank adored him. he was easy to get along with. c.m.e.? >> c.m.e. is the most talented -- sammy? most talentede guy i have known in my life. always being the boss. y you would learn a lot about how to work and audience, andyou would share a laugh, i met him as a young kid in canada. thenld watch these guys, he was always very kind to me, and he was a people's person. he was unilaterally gracious to a lot of people. to be downey wanted frank. i do a big tribute to him. i do it on stage. people are crying, and i am crying. people were not aware how talented this guy was. process theid you the ratmy --embraced by pack and a great entertainer -- how did you as his friend process the way he was maltreated in his career because of his skin color? >> we were very supportive. me when
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1